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BONUS: Dara Singh Thali

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Canillo Viva Day Spa is owned by local businesswomen who wanted to offer attentive, first-class spa services in a luxurious environment that could help people rejuvenate their body and mind. The spa also prides itself on using the best in quality and organic beauty supplies on work premises. Also, the staff at Viva Day Spa ….  Read More

If your travels had a soundtrack what album, would it be?

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Brief Intro to Malta The goal of the Digestive Advantage line of products is simple: they want to help people support their long-term digestive health. Digestive Advantage’s products also cater to people who have specific digestive needs. Their extensive line of probiotic products includes capsules and gummies that contain four specially-targeted formulas that address specific ….  Read More

The Chrysler Building

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Favorite restaurant in the U.S.? This is always such a hard question but I’m not one to sit on the fence. I would say Greenland, India and Colombia. Name your 3 favorite places you’ve traveled to on solely human kindness?  Have you visited ant of the monasteries of Portugal? Leave us a question or comment below! ….  Read More

The Best Food in Azogues, Ecuador: Eating ‘Chancho’ at Picanteria Dona Beatriz

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For the photographer: Ear plugs are always great to have on hand, but some people find it uncomfortable to sleep in them all night long.  You can also try noise-cancelling headphones or a white noise machine.  There are even machines that will play soothing music, animal, or water sounds. Casal de Arman (Ribadavia) “Siquijor” by ishtar loves ….  Read More