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Your preferred hotel in the world?

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It Was Designed to Be a Luxury Oasis

There are a few thousand structures in Tikal, but only a fraction have been excavated. Every time you see a hill in Tikal  this means there is a pyramid underneath that has yet to be uncovered. The most notable Temples are 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

1) Oslo

City population: 3.2 million (2013)

1) Oslo

4. Get the basics right

Before my second trip to Sri Lanka, I decided to read JJ’s own experience in climbing Ella Rock on her blog,, about the best way to go about it and took her advice on avoiding scammers and asking people I already trusted for guidance.

10) Trondheim

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant in Singapore.

Large Wild Goose Pagoda

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is a big deal, like a really big deal. Mardi Gras falls between February 3 and March 9, always 46 days before Easter. It is a time of year when locals and tourists alike get together to celebrate the Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday” before Lent. If you’re a seasoned celebrant of the annual festival, you’ll love the new changes that are set to take place in 2015. For one, the parade routes are to change, including the Krewe du Vieux parade on January 31st. Those with a sweet tooth will find a bigger range of cakes offered this year, while Star Wars fans can rejoice – it seems that the Intergalactic Crew of Chewbacchus is now a religion in itself.

Large Wild Goose Pagoda


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Baptism Site of Jesus Christ

I try to share my personal experiences with readers, to both inspire and help them plan their own journeys.

Horizont Restaurant, Varna

Backpacking can be an inexpensive way to travel far and light. The key to successful backpacking is to be able to pack light and not buy too much along the way.

Calligraphy Market (Shu Yuang Meen Street)

All roads lead to Asturica Augusta.Raio Street is your starting point of what was formerly the Roman road that resulted in Asturica Augusta (modern-day Astorga, Spain).  It starts at the Arco da Porta Nova, also winds its way through the entire center, all the way to Praça da República. On the way are many stores, restaurants and cafes. Palácio do Raio, a century palace is also located do Raio. It’s a civil construction designed by architects, André Soares and commissioned by a wealthy merchant.

Calligraphy Market (Shu Yuang Meen Street)

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