The Pitons of St. Lucia (Photo Essay)

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In this episode, David takes viewers around one of the most beautiful and romantic towns in Costa Brava, Cadaques. Situated along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Cadaques is a great day trip town from Girona. There isn’t much to keep you in Cadaques for more than a few hours, but it’s a pleasant stop nevertheless.

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Praza do Campo is a triangle-shaped square. During the Middle Ages, it was the city’s main marketplace. Rúa Nova and Rúa do Miño are the two main streets leading out of Praza do Campo. Just steps from Praza do Campo are the Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace. The Cathedral was modified several times since its original construction in the 12th century. It contains Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque elements throughout. The Cathedral’s central apse chapel, which is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, is an impressive work of art. It was made by famed Baroque designer, Fernando de Casas Nóvoa, who also designed the Obradoiro façade of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.

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It turned into a Dutch territory in 1634, before decolonization came in 1954, when the Netherlands Antilles (a five-island autonomous Caribbean country) gained equal status in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Netherlands Antilles was dissolved and Curacao became autonomous in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

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You’ll dine with all the monks, that will explain how to consume. There are a number of rules, so be sure to listen! During my stay, I had a bowl of rice and a tasty seaweed soup for dinner. Don’t take more than you can eat because you need to complete everything! You can’t talk through your meal, and need to hold up your bowl until you are finished.

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Dishes you must try in Meteora

For those seeking food festivals, Trujillo hosts the National Cheese fair every May. This is a very important Spanish competition and great opportunity for tourists to sample and buy delicious, award-winning cheeses.

Dishes you must try in Meteora

What to See and Do in Nis

Of course, there are other options as well so be sure to do a bit of research to find what it is you’re looking for.

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