Archontiko Papadopoulou (Kornos)

8. Invest in a tripod

The museum provides a fantastic insight into the lifestyles of the old Romans, since it tells their narrative by means of a multitude of paintings, statues and mosaics that are magnificent. One of the highlights of this museum is the Farnese collection, that can be a group of Europe’s most outstanding bigger than life sculptures in your antiquity, including the statue of Hercules, Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders, and the Farnese Bull, that is known as the biggest recovered sculpture of the time. Another highlight is the collection of amazing mosaics retelling the early Hellenistic stories of heroes such as Achilles and Alexander the Great.


Join David as he shows you around the top 15 places to see in Istanbul! Istanbul is one of the only transcontinental cities on the planet, spreading across Europe and Asia Minor. As Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul is a bustling hub of culture, history and gastronomy – a cosmopolitan capital in every sense.


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It’s served with mixed vegetables, crispy prawn chips, and a fried egg, and all of which create an blend of textures and flavors which had my mouth watering in your very first bite. It is among my top rice dishes ever and eating a few is easily one of the greatest things to see and do at Shillong!

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Have a seat at a table and order the dishes that you want on the tablet, and within seconds, your purchase will rate its way down the conveyor belt and stop next to you!

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