Top 10 Best Restaurants in Barcelona

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David’s Been Here is touring all the top restaurants and most unique flavors in the Bulgarian capital city of Sofia. In this short clip, David brings us to Talents Restaurant, a one of a kind establishment boasting classic dishes with a special flair. With dishes crafted, prepared and cooked by students of the HRC Culinary Academy in Sofia, this restaurant supports, trains and produces the world’s future executive chefs. Allow these young culinary geniuses to prepare you an unforgettable meal, giving you a sneak peak to the world’s next best flavors. One of the most unique restaurants in the capital city area, head to Talents Restaurant for one of Sofia’s most delectable culinary experiences.

Do something most authors won

Eat Tafelspitz at Plachuttas

Thanks to the ease of working on projects due to cloud software and web integration, designers and programmers no longer have a need for physical offices and can instead work wherever they find themselves just like my friend Michael Tieso from Art of Adventuring.

Stop by the Museum of Islamic Art

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Stop by the Museum of Islamic Art

Martin Fierro (Ourense)

Hunter Valley Wine Tours are made possible by the Hunter River, which serves to irrigate this otherwise arid terrain. Viticulture has played an important role here since the first vines were planted in the 1820s. The Hunter Valley is Australia’s oldest wine region and has over 150 cellars. Though the region produces several types of wine including chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, and verdelho, it is perhaps best known for its superb quality shiraz and semillon varieties.

Have Breakfast in a Floating Market

The fish wasn’t too spicy, but it was salty! The fish mash had chilies and onions inside. Sandwiches have been consumed there because Suriname used to be dominated from the Dutch. I place my fish all into the pancake. It was astonishing! The pancake was a super slim crepe, and the bass went onto it so well! The mixture of the two also had my mouth watering and was hot and incredible. It was good I got a different one! The spice was my favourite thing about it!

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There is also a smoky and tender mutton kebab that demands any meat lover’s attention. It’s spicy and buttery and boasts complimentary flavors that made my taste buds go wild! It was easily the best kebab I’ve ever had in my life and I’ve had a fair few during my time in India!

St. George Lycabettus Boutique Hotel

The beef wasn’t bad. I was iffy on it on it because of the total quantity of fat, however it was tasty! It was good!

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