See the Fishermen at Marina Beach

Mbuluzi Wildlife Reserve

I’d like to go to Hawaii!It’s been around the bucket record or a lengthy moment. Also Reunion and the Seychelles, the list Continues!

Mbuluzi Wildlife Reserve


Where I had stayed for the past day or so, my newest Surinamese experience began on the road out of Brownsweg. Imro from Jenny Tours and I had been driving an hour and 15 minutes into the town of Atjoni where we would catch a boat.

Stay in the Baltazar Hotel

Colombia, the land of sweet baby sloths, heavenly beaches lush jungles, and sexy salsa clubs.

Where to Stay in Jackson

With a tiny house on wheels, you can travel pretty much anywhere at a fraction of the cost.  Simply fill up your tank, get a map or let the road lead you.

Enjoy Craft Beer and Pub Fare at Purecraft Bar & Kitchen

The city’s appeal isn’t lost on expats, who have given the distinction of having the expat community from India to Chennai. According to Lonely Planet, Chennai was one of the top ten cities to go to in the entire world in 2015 and I could understand why later spending some time there myself. From the Tamil seafood available to the phenomenal shopping at its niches and the Tamil buildings seen in its temples on its shores, Chennai is a city of prospect. All these are the top 10 things to see and perform in Chennai, India.

Try Pastizzi in Rabat

This modern architectural marvel offers Marina Bay Sands guests the opportunity to enjoy fantastic views of the city while they take a dip in the water or sunbathe on luxury loungers in the shade of palm trees.

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