Why You Must See Australia While the Prices Are Down Under

Personalized Passport Wallet

This method focuses on capital appreciation. Growth stocks increase in value rather than producing high income as is the case with most other investments.


Ayutthaya Historical Park

Other tourist attractions are the collections and the souvenir store. You can enjoy foods in the vegetarian store while you’re done with sight-seeing. The temple is open from also to explore with ease, take the City Sightseeing bus and 4:30 pm.


What destination do you find yourself returning to again and again? What about it is so alluring?

Camiguin holds the record for most active volcanos per mile, also is one of the smallest provinces in the Philippines. There are 7 of these on the island, with Mt.Hibok-Hibok being the greatest and most impressive one. Growing to Hibok-Hibok’s summit is no easy climb, also would require you the entire day, but the view from the summit is spectacular. As you make your way through jungles filled with animals and exotic plants, the trek itself is just as rewarding.


What is the best way to explore Cappadocia?

Get a ghotala dosa, that comes with a filling made up of lots of paneer milk, as well as vegetables As you’re ingesting dosas at Manek Chowk. It’s safe to say that it was the most gooey-est and most cheesy thing I have ever had in my entire life!


Climb the Heavenly Ladder

How to get here: There is a daily shuttle from OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg that leaves early in the morning and arrives at the Bush Pub near Enkulu Gate. The shuttle costs ZAR 650 per person one way and the hotel can collect you from there at ZAR 200 per person each way. The company running the shuttle is Ashton’s Tours. Please note this is a shuttle service and not a sightseeing tour. The shuttle takes about 6 -7 hours so when arranging flights, work on getting to OR Tambo at 5:30 PM.

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