Where to Buy Souvenirs in Ecuador: Guayaquil’s Artisanal Market

Casa Betanzia (Betanzos)

We can then see the cluster of fairy chimneys in Cavusin Village, during which David gives us an explanation of how these unusual rock formations are formed. Basically, wind erosion leave each rocky mound with a “hat.”


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As I mentioned earlier, Busan Station is filled with restaurants, as well as convenience stores, so I suggest arriving well in advance of your departure time if you want to eat. Another great Korean food option on the second level is the spicy kimchi stew, which comes with odeng fish cakes, mushrooms, kimchi, and rice.


3. Shop and Save at the Outlets

The sphere of blogging is all about discussions. Get ready that some readers won’t agree with your thoughts, while the others will criticize your position or express their own vision of the point. Actually, having active audience ready to discuss the question from all angles is amazing. Just make sure that you are not too sensitive about the topic.


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Busan is one of the best places to try seafood. It’s tough to find fare more economical than the fish sold in the Taejongdae Clam Tents at Tent 5.

Ava Boutique Hotel

You’ll find yourself, if you head out to research this place at sunset with Jenny Tours. This region is usually rough during low tide. Once the waters are calmer, I visited at high tide. The waters give you a greater opportunity to observe what’s happening on the surface of the water. Before long, you should be able to spot one: a sleek shape that explodes in the water, soars a few feet and then submerges itself again.

Taste Wines at Cultivini

Another thing which might indicate that you are a foreigner is speaking English or other foreign languages in loud voices. Keep your volume to the minimum while walking on the streets.

Stop by the Citadella for Incredible Views

Rhodes is an island rich in history due to the number of ancient empires that occupied it throughout the centuries. Its distinctive history began in the Stone Age with the inhabitation of the Cretans. It was then occupied by the Phoenicians as early as 1500 B.C. A century later, the Mycenaeans came over from Achaea, bringing with them the Greek language and the first traces of ancient Greek culture. It was not until the Dorians conquered the island sometime around 1100 B.C. that the island’s three principle ancient cities were established: Ialyssos, Lindos, and Kamiros. They would ultimately combine forces to create one powerful entity.


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It was founded by Guru Ram Das, the Fourth Largest of the ten Gurus of Sikhism.Huge numbers of individuals make pilgrimages to the city each year. The town is also only a bit over 17 miles from the Pakistani border.

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