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If your travels had a soundtrack what song/album would it be?

In the wake of Brexit, Ireland has also seen an increased interest due to the devaluation that the Pound has suffered as a result. Being paid in Euros has become increasingly appealing to expats within Ireland.


I may be biased because I’m from Miami, but the Wynwood Arts District is home to some of the best street art in the United States. What was once a dilapidated warehouse district is now a thriving community of boutiques, restaurants, cafes and plenty of eye-catching murals to explore.


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No visit to Milan is complete without a trip to Milan Cathedral. It’s the Gothic complex in Italy and has been constructed between 1386 and 1965. This architectural masterpiece is easily one of the best things to see and do in Milan!

Izbata Tavern and Winery, Sofia

The menu inside offered at least 20 menu items, which means you will have your pick of tons of dishes! I advised me of aloe vera juice and started my meal with some pommesitair juice , which really refreshing. I slid into a few noodles, two kinds of rice, beans, sprouts, peanut dressing, a hot chili sauce, fried banana, and poultry.


Santa Catalina Monastery

Price range: $194 – $251 per person, per night (rates are based on double occupancy and include meals and access to the swimming pool, non-motorized water sports, business center and beach)


Visit Winterbourne House and Gardens

There are many holidays, and travel lovers opt for camping because it brings them an excellent chance to experience the real authentic and atmosphere and excitement of the music festivals. It is the main reasons why people prefer camping over staying at the hostels or hotels.


Visit the Town of Szentendre

Begin your downtown adventure at Plaza de la Cultura. Here you will find street dancers and entertainers, but you should not stick around too long as there is not much more to see here. The Tourism Information Office is close by and therein you will find the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum. Downtown San José is crowded and packed almost every day of the week and can be unsafe for tourists after dark, therefore I recommend your visit to the area before 4 p.m. so that your experience is as enjoyable as mine was.

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