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Monkey Temples of Lopburi

In this edition of Celebrity Travel Addicts , we speak Round the World with Justin behind the Traveling content creator, with Justin Walter!We chat concerning the television series that made him want to find the planet, his top destinations around the planet, the series he generates on Facebook, plus more out of Illinois with this adventurer! Take a look at his travel advice for all those with wanderlust and discover out where he is headed!


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Cooper’s Forth Worth has a huge dining area and an outdoor patio that is very spacious. Before you get in, you line up to select your meat from a holding pit. The spectacle there can overwhelm you and that is the part you’ll need to exercise restraint. Otherwise you’ll end up getting everything!


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David’s Been This is on Costa Rica’s northwest coast, touring the Pacific region of Guanacaste.This David pays a visit a beach with, allegedly, some of the very greatest surf around. Have a dip into the clear waters or just relax on the sandy beaches of the beach that is empty. With bars, a few restaurants and resorts dotting the region, and a few fantastic places to get a sunset – if you are a beach lover, Playa Flamingo is the area for you.  Production out of Chromahouse by Carlos de Varona.

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