11 Greek Islands You Should Visit

The Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet

Travelers who want to get away from the concrete, steel, and glass jungle of London and get a dose of nature can do so at Hyde Park. London’s most famous park is an expansive stretch of walking paths, bike paths, lakes, and more.

Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary

Zuma Beach Access Rd, Malibu, CA 90265, USA


The Dominican Cathedral

The Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the Swaziland’s Ezulwini Valley, also known as the “Valley of Heavens”, between Mbabane and Manzini. It is a very important conservation area for the country, home to 22 endangered species.

A destination with cuisine that surprised you the most?

Make what you really need and plan to wear. Lots of people pack 3 outfits per day, which isn’t realistic because most of us don’t spend enough time in our rooms to be able to go back 3 times to make those outfit changes. If you bring 5 good outfits, you’ll be all set especially if you re-wear several pieces with other pieces. This makes for more outfits overall.

Great gifts for all travelers:

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Selecting an Air Pollution Mask for China

Meteora literally translates into “suspended in the air.” And it’s easy to see why…

4. Get the basics right

Apaneca is the second stop on La Ruta. Apaneca a quiet pueblo with cobblestone streets. It doesn’t require very long to explore the town on foot but people are often compelled to stay longer because of the two nearby crater lakes, Laguna Verde (2.5 miles from town) and Laguna de las Ninfas (1.5 miles from town). Both make for a great hike for those looking for a site off the beaten path. This area is notably safe and the hikes are well marked and populated, making guides unnecessary.


The Sherlock Holmes Pub

The Arawaks worshipped them, UNESCO featured them as a World Heritage Site in 2004 and they are definitely the most photographed subjects in St. Lucia. The magnificent Pitons stand proud, watching this island’s coast through. These volcanic plugs were shaped millions of years back with a string of explosions. They’re covered in lush vegetation and give superb panoramic views. It is possible to scale both Pitons, but there things to bear in mind. Gros Piton, the larger of those two, is roughly 2,619 feet high, which makes it the second greatest summit in St. Lucia after Mount Gimie.

1. Go to the Equator

There’s a reason this coastline is so famous. Known as the best thing to do on the island, you won’t want to miss this majestic coastline. This line of sea cliffs starts on the north shore and goes down the west side. It’s like something out of a movie, and you won’t believe it’s real. The hardest part is finding a way to actually see it since there are no roads along it.

Eat Gulash in Rezkakas Bistro

On average, it will take between forty-five minutes and an hour to reach the top destinations in Orlando. With the limo service, it will feel like a lot less. In fact, you might find you fall asleep in the back and wake up just as you pull into your hotel.


6) Pulpit Rock

When choosing a family holiday, it can be difficult to please everyone, but chartering a yacht around the Greek Islands pleases everyone from the sunbathers to foodies; adventurous snorkelers, swimmers or Instagrammers of the family will be spoilt for activities and photo opportunities. So the choice is easy, yachting in Greece is a winner!

Manastirska Meritsia, Sofia

Once you feel you had enough of those mainland and it is time to go down to the islands, there’s no better place to start than Boracay. This tiny island is just 4 square miles of fun activities and beaches, so it is no wonder it has been dominating best island on earth toplists in magazines. Boracay is among the best places to go to if you are looking for the perfect beach experience.

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