Top Experiences in Santorini, Greece: Day Trip with Santorini Sailing

2. Mkhaya Game Reserve

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Where to Eat and Drink

Mykonos itself is an open-air ancient archaeological site, an island where monuments and ruins can be found at every step. Delos is a small islet situated a few miles away from Mykonos. Most of the ancient history of Delos relates to the worship of Apollo and Artemis, this city being their birth place. The island was the religious and political center of the Aegean, and the scene where the “Delian” religious festivals were held in the honor of Apollo. It was home to a very important oracle and many fabulous temples.


2. A Guarda

Aside from shopping, you can visit theGrand Socco. It is the main square of Tangier that separates the Medina from the modern city. From here, several avenues will lead you back into the Medina, but if you are feeling brave, take a walk through the covered Grand Socco food market. Here, butchers, farmers, and fishermen have their goods crudely on display. The smell can be overwhelming, but it’s an interesting experience to say the least. Another (cleaner) option is to pay a visit to the American Legation Museum, which is the only U.S. National Historic Landmark outside the United States. The museum is open Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free.

Restoran Vodenitsata, Burgas

Cooking with truffle is very common for Gubbio. In the very best restaurants in town like Deruta, you’ll locate truffle in almost.

4) Geirangerfjord

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See the Barzan Towers

I’ll be honest with you. The moves are not affordable. They start at $261 U.S. to get a seven-day pass and price almost $530 to get a twenty-one-day pass, but when your itinerary takes you to multiple regions of the country, and you anticipate travel between them frequently, it is more than worth the price.


Here are my top 5 things to do in Mardin, Turkey

Now we head to Fish and Zeleni, which means fish and greens. This is the best seafood restaurant in Novi Sad. The concept is Mediterranean fusion cuisine. They serve calamari, with basil pesto with crispy potatoes, organic salad with shrimp, mixed shrimp skewered with salmon, seabass, calamari and shrimp and dessert. All food is prepared with extra virgin olive oil and extremely fresh.

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