Ruins of Felix Romuliana UNESCO

Aguamar (A Coruña)

For once, geology is entertaining, physics is comprehensible and chemistry does not put you to sleep. For an extra €2 fee guests can enter the planetarium for an informative and truly out-of-this-world show. In two to three hours you can experience CosmoCaixa and finally see what your high school science teacher was so excited about. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday.

Elephant Nature Park

You do not feel the adverse degree fever for chilly once you walk outside. My entire body was on fire, and the only thing that could heal it was to head from the ice. I went in for the fifth time during this excursion, and it felt so great!

Shop for Ohrid Pearls

You might be amazed to learn that Seoul’s airport is in Seoul. Like other big cities such as Tokyo and Shanghai, the airport is located in the neighboring town of Incheon, outside of the city.


Best Spa: Belmond Maroma

Largest cities: Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Nice, Nantes, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Lille


If your travels had a soundtrack what album would it be?

We got so close to the mighty Gullfoss waterfall we felt its icy spray, we were engulfed in sulfur-smelling smoke whilst watching Strokkur dutifully erupt, bathed in the hot waters of the Blue Lagoon surrounded by miles of surreally beautiful volcanic wasteland, met gorgeous Icelandic horses, and drove through miles of deserted roads to gaze at the low-lying winter sun on the horizon.

Yamanashi Prefecture

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